October, 1938

"It's not only our lives that are in danger but also our beloved swing!..."
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Steam webpage is already open.
VALENCIA (Thursday,  january 5th, 2023) - José María Pérez, CEO and 2D Artist of Pixel Powa.

Happy to announce that our beloved project, Bremen Hot Strings, is already on Steam. Feel free to add it your wishlist! More news... Read more.

What is

Bremen Hot Strings is a graphic adventure that adapts the original Brothers Grimm fairy tale "Town Musicians of Bremen" within the context of 1930s Germany under the yoke of Nazism.


In their dream, to give the concert of their lives and to make known the wonderful "swing life." The Bremen band Hot Strings, at the opposite of the way of thinking and acting of the current government, will be persecuted by a ruthless SS detective. Especially after the disappearance of one of the beloved members of the group which the rest will work in detective work, in order to find their friend.


"When the world is in danger, music will save the world".

Visual novel

Go inside the world of Bremen Hot Strings in an old school point and click graphic adventure. Narrated with illustrations that mixes the concept art style with the actual European graphic novel (Blacksad, Berlín, Paco Roca, etc). All of this without forgetting the inspiration coming from the wonderful 1993 movie, Swing Kids. Videogames like "Life is Strange" and "Valiant Hearts" and of course  "The Four Musicians of Bremen". With whom we spent such a good time as children in the early nineties.


Control the four main characters of the Bremen Hot Strings group: Vittorio, Gustave, Klaus and Federico. Each one with a characteristic ability of the animal it represents.

Inmersive story

About twenty secondary characters will meet through the six chapters of the story, which will take place from the slums to the upper class mansions in the city of Bremen in the year 1938.
Accompany our friends from BHS to overcome all their challenges and challenges, not only at a group level but also at a psychological-personal level, until they lead to different alternative endings.


Bremen Hot Strings

  • Developer: Pixel Powa indie studio
  • Game genre: Graphic adventure (Point and click)
  • Release date: TBA
  • Players: 1
  • Platforms: PC Steam, Nintendo Switch
  • Age: 16+
  • Languages: English, Spanish and German
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Explosive Dinosaurs
Available on Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam)

Collection of fun competitive mini-games for 4 players. Developed by RAWRLAB Games in collaboration with Pixel Powa.

Published by Flynn's Arcade.

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Bremen Hot Strings
Coming soon

Bremen Hot Strings is a graphic adventure that adapts the original Brothers Grimm fairy tale "Town Musicians of Bremen" within the context of 1930s Germany under the yoke of Nazism.

Steam webpage.

Publishers: Pixel Powa, RAWRLAB Games
Editor: RAWRLAB Games

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Crisis Serena
Coming soon

The first Mediterranean Post-apocalyptic retro videogame Beat 'Em Up!

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Pixel Powa team

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CEO - 2D Artist
José María Pérez

Pablo Navarro

Carles Vicent Ginés


Pixel Powa is an independent videogames
studio located in the beautiful Mediterranean
"We create video games that we would like to play,
but no one has ever dared to make them before".
At this moment, we are very happy to
develop and present our first game debut:
Don't miss it!

Follow, share...
...and feel free to write us at pixelpowa@gmail.com!

Bremen Hot Strings - Presskit

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